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Hi, I’m Glenn, and I want to help you become a better writer

As a professional writer and editor for the past 22-plus years, I’ve learned the value of investing in myself. Back in the early 2000s, I started to focus on improving my writing skills. I bought book after book about the art and craft of writing: books on the craft of writing fiction, and books about writing nonfiction.

And then I started to apply what I learned in my professional work as a writer-editor. I started to notice a substantial improvement in my writing, as did the colleagues I worked with. The return on investment in all that self-study, while not calculable in the precise way one would calculate it for an investment in a typical asset, was high, at least in my own very rough estimation.

In 2014, more than a decade after embarking on my own journey of self-study and improvement, I decided to pay it forward and share what I had learned with others. So I started to write on LinkedIn. One of the topics I focused on was writing: I shared the strategies and techniques I had learned along the way that made me a better writer. This topic clearly resonated with many readers, and my articles were often read by tens of thousands of people, and shared and “liked” by thousands.

In 2015, I launched a podcast, Write With Impact, where I interviewed professional writers, both of fiction and nonfiction, where they shared their writing strategies and habits. At the end of 2015, after writing on LinkedIn for less than two years, the editors (with the help of a Stanford-trained data scientist, they told me) named me a “LinkedIn Top Voice” in recognition of the enormous reach and impact my writing had on the platform. In 2016, in 2017, and again in 2018, they named me a “Top Voice.” To this day, I am one of a handful of writers on LinkedIn who have been named a “Top Voice” four years in a row.

The theme running through my writing and podcasting over the past seven-plus years has been this: How can I help others learn what I’ve learned about writing well, so they can become better writers?

Which brings me here, the Write With Impact Academy!

As in the past, I’ll be sharing a lot of content for free. But I will now also be offering a suite of exclusive video, audio, and text content to paying subscribers.

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I'm a writer and multimedia content creator. A LinkedIn Top Voice 4 years in a row (2015-2018), I'm passionate about teaching other writers actionable strategies and techniques to help them improve their craft.